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Rachel DesRochers: Grateful Grahms

Have you met Rachel yet? You might know Rachel as the owner of Grateful Grahams. Or maybe you know her as the founder of a little place called Incubator Kitchen Collective. Or maybe you've caught her podcast Kitchen Convos talking about the local food scene. If you don't know her from any of those awesome things already then this is the perfect time to get to know her and see how awesome a person she is.

Name: Rachel DesRochers
Business: The Gratitude Collective (Grateful Grahams, Kitchen Convos, Incubator Kitchen Collective, Rachel DesRochers, The Good People Festival)
Title: Chief Gratitude Office
Time in Industry: Started my first company in April 2010

1. What led you to be in the food industry?
Where do I start… My great grandfather started The Country Kitchen, they had over 300 franchises when they sold it. My parents had a pizza place called Rica’s Pizza when I was just born. My mom always cooked all the food all from scratch. I think it’s in my blood. Though I don’t real…

Leland Cummings: Occam Dining

Meet Chef Leland Cummings of Occam Dining. Leland started out in Philly and made his way over to Cincinnati cooking up a storm. His business will satisfy any individual with the most discerning palate or a whole party of them. Check out his interview below!

Name: Leland Cummings
Business: Occam Dining
Title: Chef/Owner
Time in Industry: 15 Years

1. What is your signature dish?
  • My signature dish is not having a signature- no guests sees the same dish twice

2. You're a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
  • Midnight Green AKA Eagle Green. Why? Go Birds!
Carrot Cake with cream cheese, graham cracker, and ginger.

3. What's your favorite '90s jam?
  • The whole "36 Chambers" album - by Wu Tang Clan
            Favorite track- Da Mystery of Chessboxin

4. What is your favorite local restaurant?
  • Sotto
5. What is your go to late night snack?
  • Pint of Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup

6. How many donuts are you capable of eating in one sitting?
  • At least 6- only from Dunkin'
7. If I gave you $10 bucks to go buy me chocolate milk, and it only cost $3, would you bring me all the change or would you tell me it was actually $10? Because I’ll know. I’ll know chocolate milk doesn’t cost that much. 
  • I’d bring you $4, we would both have chocolate milk (Wawa or TruMoo)

8. Beer or Wine? 
  • Beer – IPA 
Winter Squash Soup with apple, fennel, and brioche.

9. Favorite kitchen gadget/tool you can’t live without? 
  • Stick blender 
Nothing like a man and his stick blender.

10. If you could cook for anyone, who would it be and what would you prepare? 
  • Questlove - I would write a menu with him and cook it.
Roasted Mushroom Strudel with parsley root, truffles, and chard.

Bonus: We had an awesome view of the city from KTCHN.


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